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A Thailand based hand crafted furniture manufacturer since 2005 that lives and practices the making of true handmade items from sustainable and rapidly renewable woods using all natural finishes.
Other complimentary products include decor, ob jet, and table top items also from natural sustainable materials.
We are committed to using hand methods and sustainable practices for our products for the well being of our material suppliers, employees, community, and surrounding communities

Wood Certification Agencies and their fallacies - We are not FSC certified as no furniture manufacturer can be

"What began as a way to offer foresters in developing countries an incentive to practice sustainable forestry has, unfortunately, become a tool to impose particular politics on developing countries.

Forest certification systems, a part of some companies’ corporate social responsibility efforts, were originally designed to offer a price premium to those foresters who followed a basic set of forestry guidelines. Systems like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) promised to help those who followed their guidelines – both environmentally and economically.

Too often this process does not produce its intended results. Instead, some in the environmental community used the standard as a political tool – hanging banners from big box lumber stores – and turning the systems into trade restrictions that harm the developing countries the greens claim to care about

Forest Certification Audit is designed to examine the ways forest certification systems have gotten off track. They left the science and economics behind (even as they promised to follow them) and have now replaced them with political motives. It is often wealthy Americans lecturing poor foresters in developing countries – in many cases the same wealthy Americans who didn’t honor their promise to pay a price premium for certified wood"

Click this link to read about the independent ongoing audit on these systems and their fallacies

Twist Stool 10 in SQ x 16 in H White OilLotus Panel 3D Inlay Round 90 cm D Light Teak OilMirror NE Teak Octagon 34 in DIA Walnut OilTeak Shower items

MSHR181620-L-WAL-WHTMarble Votive Black MarbleTable Top itemsTeak Console with Serene Buddha Panel

AVAILABLE IN THE USA AT: www.ThaiHandMadeGifts.com

Whether you are looking for an existing design, or wish to have your own designs made, we will work with you to create unique Functional works of Art in small or larger volume.
Please browse this site for a few ideas on some of the many products we make.
Although we are small, we do not do one off manufacturing or artistic pieces - but we do make smaller volumes for retail or catalog buyers direct.
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